What You Can Expect

Welcome:  We’ll greet you outside the door, give you a handshake and a hug and help you find your way around.

Informal: You’ll find people wearing anything from jeans and a t shirt to khakis and button down shirts to bright dresses.  You can wear a tie and suit or formal dress if you like and we will welcome you just the same!  There is no dress code to worry about.

Band music: We mix our musical styles by rearranging some old songs and learning many newer worship songs.  All songs are played by our band.

Life with Jesus, not a show: Though we strive to worship God with excellence, we are human and make mistakes. We sing, pray, read the Bible and talk about how we can live more fully in Jesus.  We welcome you to celebrate communion weekly with us also.  This is not a performance, but practice living in the love of God for our daily lives.  Worship lasts about 1hr and 15 minutes.

What about my kids?  If you would feel more comfortable with your children in worship then that is fine with us, but they will love the program that is designed specifically for them in the nursery or Children’s Church. There are at least two paid and/or volunteer staff in every room, and the leader of the class has been through a background screening so you can know your children are safe. You will be asked to follow a specific sign in/sign out procedure to make sure the ones you came with are the ones you leave with.

What if I’m not used to going to church? You are the reason we started Lakeside UMC.  We want to be a comfortable place for those who are curious about God but have never felt comfortable in church. We want Lakeside UMC to be a place where you can begin your journey of faith, where you can wrestle with who God is and what He wants for you. It’s okay if you don’t have it all figured out yet; we are still working on it as well.

Do I have to give?   If you want to you are more than welcome, but please as our guest, please do not feel obligated to give anything financially.

Can I invite my friends?  Absolutely! Bring them with you, the more the merrier!