Leadership Team

A world without leadership is like a ship without a rudder.  A great blow from the north wind sends it barreling southward.  A gust from the east can send it westward.  It is at the mercy of the winds of the moment if not for the ability of leaders to use the power of the wind to guide it in a direction of its own choosing.  Leadership is critical to any organization, and that is no less true of God’s Church.  It has been said that “everything rises and falls on leadership.”  Our Leadership Team helps direct God’s Church in the world here at Lakeside toward the achievement of its mission. We appreciate all they do!

Our Leaders

  • Kathy Miller-Connections Team
  • Linda Youngers-Connections Team
  • Karen Mazzola-Staff Parish
  • Rob Willets-Staff Parish
  • Steve Koscoe-Trustee
  • Becky Measures-Outreach Ministry
  • Dawn Bushur-Women’s Ministry
  • Troy Antonik-Finance

Welcoming, Growing & Serving through Christ's love for the renewal of our community.