Goals & Expectations

At Lakeside, each child will receive:

* Unconditional love as a valuable, worthwhile child of God

* Acceptance as a unique, lovable person, even when behavior is unacceptable

* Security which comes from a developmentally-appropriate schedule and a sense of family belonging

* Independence and freedom to choose within limits

* Guidance in developing the ability to behave appropriately

* Control and limits so he or she can learn inner control

* Faith which comes from associating with adults who love God and practice biblical truths

Spiritual Development:

* Have a beginning understanding that the Bible is a special book about God and Jesus

* Form his or her understanding of self, family, and others from personal relationships

* Develop his or her concepts about church from experiences and interactions with people at church

Physical Development:

* Develop large-muscle control as he or she runs, climbs, stands on tiptoes, etc.

* Develop small-muscle control as he or she scribbles, paints, handles puzzle pieces, stacks blocks, plays musical instruments, assists in cleaning, feedings, and dressing self

* Beginning to learn toileting control

Intellectual Development:

* Introduced to counting

* Introduced to alphabet

* Introduced to literature, fingers plays, and nursery rhymes

* Introduced to colors and shapes

* Learn parts of the body

* Match or group similar objects such as blocks

* Name familiar pictures in picture books

* Appreciation of music

* Introduced to musical concepts such as pitch, tone, rhythm, voice

Spiritual Development:

*Learn about God through relationships with others

*Distinguish the Bible from other books

*Enjoy Bible stories

*Practice such biblical concepts as kindness and helpfulness

*Begins to understand concepts about God and Jesus

*Begins to understand concepts about prayer and worship

Physical Development:

*Dress and undress self

*Develop large muscles through running, galloping, hopping, balancing, skipping, marching, and moving to music

*Develop small muscles through cutting, drawing, and writing with pencils, crayons and markers, gluing, painting, working puzzles and playing instruments

*Caring for their bodies by developing good health habits such as washing hands, using a tissue, brushing teeth, eating a balanced diet and exercising

*Use toilet with some help

Intellectual Development:

*Count orally to ten or beyond

*Begin to use one to one correspondence

*Recognize most shapes and colors

*Begin to pattern and sequence

*Begin to recognize alphabet letters and sounds

*Begin to recognize numbers

*Begin to recognize rhyming patterns

*Begin to explore concepts of weight, length and volume

*Recognize own name

*Develop appreciation of music

*Increased understanding of musical concepts such as pitch, tone, rhythm, voice

Spiritual Development:

 *Increased understanding of concepts about God and Jesus

*Increased understanding of the Bible and prayer

*Increased understanding of the concept of worship

*Increased understanding of Christian values such as honesty, kindness, forgiveness, and respect

Social Development:

*Learns to make helpful and safe choices

*Enjoys playing with other children

*Takes turns and shares

*Follows rules and classroom procedures

*Cooperates with others

*Shows respect for others

*Responds to commands involving three actions

Intellectual Development

*Counts orally to 50 or beyond

*Shows one to one correspondence

*Identifies numbers 0-100

*Begins to understand that fractions make a whole

*Can pattern, sort and classify objects

*Participates in graphing activities

*Explores weight, length and volume

*Recognizes rhyming patterns

*Identifies most letters of the alphabet

*Identifies most letter sounds through phonemic awareness

*Recognizes and writes own name

*Tells at least two events in order of sequence

*Uses scissors and pencil properly

*Beginning to write letters and numbers with pencil, crayons, and markers

*Begins to understand word concepts such as first word and last word on a page that words are made up of letters, letters come in upper and lower case and punctuation marks appear in writing.