Getting Started

Getting to Know Each Other

You may be new to acknowledging there is a God and much newer to the idea of having a relationship with God. You may also be new to this community of people called Church. Like any new relationship, we need a little time to get to know one another.

  • Learn more about us through our Website
  • Join us for Worship at 8:30am & 10:45am on Sunday.
  • Connect to a Small Group.
  • Join us on one of our Outreach Projects.
  • Start the ‘Follow Me’ study to answer the question ‘Who is Jesus?

 Ready to Grow

You’ve been experiencing life with us as we learn to follow Jesus and now you feel God calling you to the next step. Maybe this step is the first time you have begun to trust in Jesus Christ. Maybe you’re returning to a deeper faith in Christ. Maybe you would like to be baptized and become a member of God’s family here at Lakeside. What do you do?

  • Contact Pastor Cameron  407- 330-6560
  • Join us for Pie With The Pastor held 3-4 times per year.
  • Celebrate your faith and baptism or reaffirmation of baptism during worship.
  • Start the ‘Be My Disciple’ study to learn how to follow Jesus in your life.
  • Start the ‘Walk In The Spirit” study to learn how to develop a life of constant growth in faith and love of God.

 Keep Growing And Serving

Continual growth in faith is best done in a Small Group. Get Connected.

Welcoming, Growing & Serving through Christ's love for the renewal of our community.