We celebrate Baptisms as a way of celebrating the saving work God is doing in a person’s life through Jesus Christ. Baptism is a covenant between an individual and God that welcomes them through Christ into the community of faith.

Does Lakeside Baptize Babies? 

We baptize babies to celebrate the work of our loving God to draw his children to himself even before they are aware of what is happening. We do this with the faith and hope that they will one day accept God’s grace for themselves and enter into the fullness of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ.

Does Lakeside Baptize By Pouring, Sprinkling, Or Immersion? 

The answer is all 3. The amount of water used is not as important as the immeasurable grace God pours out to us! If a person desires to be baptized by immersion, we schedule a time to do at a pool, another church, in a spring or in the ocean.

Baptism requires consultation with the parents of children unable to answer for themselves. Those able to answer for themselves must consult with the Pastor Cameron Lashbrook before a baptism can be scheduled